To modernize, optimize, and maximize the digital marketing and ecommerce results of a business, product or service.
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Transform Your Website into Your Best Sales Agent –or Risk Losing Business

Your website is a big deal. Get it right! On a desktop, tablet and smartphone. Over 90% of your prospective customers will check out your website before deciding to do business with you. Your website needs to be not only beautiful and engaging, but also a dynamic sales agent. Digidize builds custom WordPress websites that will impress your customers and sell more.

Get Found First!

Make sure your customers find YOU before they find your competitors. To remain competitive, you need to be found online by those searching for your products and services. Are you find-able? Are you ahead of your competitors?

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Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Stop shotgunning and swamp your website with serious prospects. Use our Multi-Channel Marketing expertise with our proven Clear Target Marketing and Least-Cost Advertising methods to draw in the right kind of customers –customers with the highest propensity to purchase. Use highly targeted content in all of your marketing channels including SERP listings, social, email, blogs, search ads, remarketing ads and print ads.

Content, Content, Content

Tell a compelling story. Bland, uninspiring, one-size-fits-all marketing-speak turns off your customers. Use relevant, creative storytelling for each of your target market segments with high quality, eye-catching images. On your website, in your email marketing, in your Google AdWords, in your Facebook posts, even your on-page SEO.

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Maximize Conversions

Visitors to Prospects to Purchasers. Faster, More Often. How good is your business at conversion? Whether online or using phone reps, our CRM methods qualify leads quicker, convert opportunities to purchasers at a higher rate and maximize the effectiveness of marketing dollars.

When to contact us:

➀ You need to quickly grow sales
➁ You need more and better leads for sales reps
➂ You don’t show up in search results
➃ You don’t know how to reach target customers
➄ Your conversion rates are too low
➅ Competitors are stealing your customers
➆ You’re not getting your money’s worth from marketing
➇ Your website is ugly and tired
➈ Launching a new business or product line
➉ You need experienced leadership you can trust

Marketing That Drives Sales

Digidize provides professional marketing and ecommerce services to Sonoma, Napa, and Marin County businesses. Rejuvenate and grow your business using the pros at Digidize to remove the guesswork and produce an immediate return on your investment.

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